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Duration: 9am - 4pm

There are many stories about people who come to colonise the Cape!!

A few like Jan van Riebeeck and Simon van der Stel will be familiar to you, but most of the people did not come from Europe… Most were SLAVES brought from other parts of Africa!

Very little is known about these people, and yet these extraordinary people were important in shaping the Cape to what it is today. Find out their story. Join us on a tour, a spiritual journey into our past…

Kramats Tour Itinerary

9 am Tuan Noorul Mubeen
Banished to the Cape in 1716 and incarcerated on Robben Island. According to legend, he escaped from Robben Island by unknown means and came to make his home in this desolate spot…
10:30 am Sayed Jaffer
A simple grave… of a great man. Banished to the Cape by the Dutch East India Company. He was a Sheikh of the Alwiah Tariqa. His grave was only discovered at the end of the 19th century…
11:30 am Sayed Abdul Haq
Where he came from is unknown but he was a member of the Qaabriah Tariqa… A true and great spiritual guide
12:30 pm Sayed Abdul Aziz
This Auliyah’s (Friend of God) grave was originally situated on the muizenberg beach front…
  After lunch (at Kalky’s)
2:30 pm Sayed Musa Abdul Samad
A renowned spiritualist and theologian who came to the Cape in 1880 discovered his grave. But the area where his shrine is has a strange spiritual aura…
Tours Include :
Except on special circumstances
  • Bed and breakfast
  • 3 – 4 star hotel or guesthouse
  • All tours air-conditioned bus or kombi
  • All tours subject to weather
Important Notes:
  • Appropriate dress-code required for tour (i.e. scarf, long sleeve).